Bank Holidays, Bowling and Angry birds.

Who doesn’t love a bank holiday weekend? An extra day before the routine begins again, a whole 24hrs more before the Sunday blues kick in, no homework for an extra day. In our house I love that Bens off for an extra day and one day less (actually two extra days this time) of the […]

Never Grow up.

With the Big 30th fast approaching I marked it with a very suitable very grown up tattoo. Now I know tattoos aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I love them. I got my first tattoo when I was 18, paw prints on my shoulder. Its not a tattoo I regret although I will soon give […]

All things snuggly and warm.

So I know that I usually post on trying to see the butterfly moments in life but sometime we have to embrace the caterpillar ones when they are here. When i’m having a caterpillar day, maybe where my arthritis is just so sore that I cant physically or psychologically face the world there are some […]

‘One day I’ll fly away’

Having Blogged every day last week, written a report for Uni as well as an essay, totalling well over 10,000 words, I seem to have ran out of words this week. All week I have felt like I have something to say but I just couldn’t work out what that was. Having had a really […]

Just like we dreamed it, Happily ever after.

This time last week we where home and only just awake and recovering from the exhaustion that hits you after a Disney holiday. Disney isn’t really a holiday in the way most people think of one. Its action packed, full of adventure, and fun but it also involves the longest days and takes so much […]

Just like we dreamed it, Forest of enchantment, Pizza and dancing.

Day three saw us back in the main park for the day, The kids where all dressed as frozen characters so we headed to get a few pictures with the usual magic hours characters. We noticed this time that there where a lot less photopass photographers out and about which was disappointing. We dd get […]

Just like we dreamed it.. Dream Big princess.

On Tuesday our third day we started off as before with magic hours in the same park, meeting pluto, goofy then Donald and mickey and the chipmunks and again got some lovely pictures and interaction. We then did some fun pictures in front of the castle. Then We headed over and did the¬†buzz lightyear ride […]

Just like we dreamed it, Breakfast, Princesses and Inventions.

Day two we where at breakfast again by quarter past seven, Cheyenne gets a bit of a bad rep for it’s crazy breakfasts and certainly if you go from 8am onwards you will face a very long queue even in off peak seasons however as I’ve mentioned previously magic hours are the best time in […]

Just like we dreamed it…second star to the right.

We started the day with meeting Pluto and Goofy who where on the bandstand facing the Disneyland castle, we got some lovely pictures and the children who all five where dressed as characters from peter pan and all matched. We then headed to fantasyland and everyone went on the dumbo ride while I grabbed my […]

Just like we dreamed it.

I am currently sat in my snuggly pjs with a big mug of tea and a chocolate bar catching up on tv after having been on another wonderful Disneyland Paris holiday with my lovely family, I could sleep for a year, (I will do another blog on arthritis and ASD aspects of this trip) but […]