Just like we dreamed it, Happily ever after.

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This time last week we where home and only just awake and recovering from the exhaustion that hits you after a Disney holiday. Disney isn’t really a holiday in the way most people think of one. Its action packed, full of adventure, and fun but it also involves the longest days and takes so much energy. The second I sat down on the plane on the way home I was exhausted.

On our last day we packed up out last bits and pieces, I headed to the breakfast room with Megan while Ben waited for the luggage store to open at 7.30 before heading into the park again at 8. We went and did a few of our favourite rides in fantasy land and took a few fun pictures. I headed to the princess pavilion at 9.30 to get a ticket and the others headed to the bunnies to get a time to meet thumper and miss bunny.

Thursday was a French public holiday, with the government announcing a few weeks before that the schools would be closed on the Friday too so lots of French people had decided to take a long weekend and it was really clear from very early just how many people had taken that long weekend.

I managed to get a time slot for 2pm and managed to get over to meet the others before they met the bunnies. Megan was able to give her picture of miss Bunny and got such a massive cuddle I wondered if she was still breathing in all that fur !! She was very happy and I cant stress again how wonderful the interaction was for all the characters who where given drawings. This is especially great as drawing is Megan’s way of relaxing at home and helps to take away the stress that she sometimes feels with having a brother with additional needs and a disabled mum. For her to be encouraged in that skill was very special to us and has had a wonderful impact on her.


After the bunnies we wet to meet mickey in his house something we had never done before, we had a little wait and then got to go in and meet him and he was lovely. He liked my sparkly tinkerbell ears and Eli loved all the little probs around that where hints to disneys magic tricks. Eli was even more excited when I told him that mickey has a new show starting in July called mickey and the magician which will be in the studios park.


When we came out of meeting mickey the park was already feeling crazy busy, even though it was only around 11 we headed back to Hakuna Matatta for lunch. We waited half an hour for our food and had to eat fast to get over to the theatre to watch Forest of Enchantment again. It was worth eating fast as the show was just as wonderful as before. I was so glad to catch it one last time.

We then headed back to main street to catch Minnie’s spring time train again as megan wanted to dance with the bunnies for the full length of the parade this time. On the way Eli spotted Rafiki from the lion king so Ben decided to queue with him and we went on ahead. Megan danced for the full parade, there was a big crowd but all the older ones dancing helped Megan fit in and helped her with the dance moves, again proper Disney magic.


We then headed to meet our last princess which was Cinderella again however this time megan and eli where dressed as Cinderella and charming so it was lovely to get some spcial pictures. We then headed to do some last bits of shopping and The kids got one last slot for autopia which they waited quite a while for.


We then waited for the Mary Poppins show again and Magic on parade. With the extra crowds in the park and the heat it was a little uncomfortable but still worth watching one last time.


Then there was just time for  a very quick earl of sandwich and then the drive back to the airport with RS Transport. The airport was very small and didn’t have enough seats for everyone but it was still ok and I would still fly here again.

It was a wonderful holiday with lots of firsts and magical moments. As always we cant wait to go back again and again and again.

ps. just like we dreamed it is an old parade song but it will always be my favourite.

It’s just like we dreamed it
As far as I can see
It’s just like we dreamed it
As good as good can be
And I know it’s so much better
‘Cause we dreamed it up together
Just like we dreamed it, to life! Magically…



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