Mummy in a mess.

Ever have one of those weeks you just couldn’t make up? We’ve had one of those! Partly of my own doing by cramming so much in and partly just random life getting in the way. I started the week by taking Megan to go and see Wonderland at the Grand Opera House in Belfast. We […]

A tale as old as time.

This weekend I got to go and see the new live action¬†Beauty and the Beast. I have to say I was a little nervous that it wouldn’t live up to my very high expectations as this film, although not my favourite Disney movie was one that was special to me and I remember clearly going […]

A spoonful of sugar…

Today miss Megan had her 9th birthday Party and although she was turning 9 this was only the second birthday party she has had. It took me a good few years to recover from the first one!! Todays party was simply amazing though and I cant wait for her to go back again, and Eli […]

A whole new world…