Melting moments

I always remember my dad saying to me when I complained that it was raining ‘you’re neither sugar nor salt, you wont melt’ From pretty much the day Eli was born, he hated water, from his very first baby bath he screamed the place down and still almost 6 years on he still hates water. […]

practically perfect

I am an iron on mum. I’m a rubbish cook, I’ m not very good at crafts and don’t get me started on my baking ability (even the dog wont eat it). When it comes to the beginning of a new school term I go straight to eBay order iron on labels with pretty pictures […]

‘I’m not that girl’

I have spent the past week on a family holiday in England with my Hubby and two kids. As the title suggests one of the many things we did during that time was go to see the musical Wicked. At the risk of a little bit of a spoiler, one of the songs is ‘I’m […]