Dreaming big & being a princess.

In August 2016 we were blessed to be able to take the kids to see Aladdin in the west end. As I have blogged about it before you will know that we totally fell in love with this production. From the lights to the staging to the truly wonderful singing, dancing and acting it was […]

Barbed wire

I remember around in late 90’s/00’s that barbed wire bracelet tattoos where really popular and I remember having a plastic/rubber neon barbed wire bracelet at one point and thinking it was super cool. An awesome mix of cool and tough – actually what it was, was pretty naff, but we must go through these daft […]

True Colours…

  YOU WITH THE SAD EYES’ You don’t need to be afraid, your not doing this on your own. Don’t let those thoughts run away with you. You’re so many steps ahead of where we actually¬†are. It is going to be ok. In the darkness its hard to even imagine the light but it is […]

The me i choose to be.

If there is one thing I am awesome at, it is sticking my head in the sand. I can happily eat cake and worry about the calories/sugar etc at a later date. I can spend my money on Starbucks and Lindy bop and worry about the bills later. Most importantly, I can book Disney and […]