Lunch, Munch and have some fun.

Packed lunches have always been a little bit of a chore in our house. When Elijah started Primary school two years ago he had a nasty Dairy allergy which had taken two years of hospital admissions and tests to discover. Adapting his diet to being Dairy free, wasn’t too difficult really. He was young enough […]

That place between awake and asleep.

  Facebook: Twitter: @Lonelycater1 You know when you are just about to fall asleep at night and then your brain just starts buzzing? That seems to be the only time at the moment that I get any ideas on what to write. Of course i’m just that wee bit too sleepy to get up, […]

Best Friends forever?

  Life is a funny thing. So often I have so many ideas of how my life should be and I get so caught up in emotion when things aren’t going the way I expected. I have loved this past few years where I have become more confident in myself. More aware of the people […]

Traveling, party bags and delays.

I don’t love flying, I always find myself wishing that I could just press a button and magically be at my destination. For someone who doesn’t like flying, I find myself doing it an awful lot. One thing that makes travelling most stressful is the packing. Especially when travelling with children. I find no matter where […]

London 2016 Part 2

Facebook: Twitter: @Kitaclarke On our second Day in London, we had breakfast in our Travelodge hotel. I felt breakfast was great value for money, with a choice of hot breakfast, cereals, fruit, pastries and yogurt. Megan was especially happy as she could have her all time favourite breakfast, beans on toast!! The tea and […]

London, Autism and Aladdin Part 1 This week we have been having an adventure in London. Every year since Ben and I became a couple I have spent a good chunk of my year traveling to England. Now we always try to fit at least one trip to England a year in with our kids. This year due to family […]

London baby!!!!!

We are so excited to head off on our little summer break this week. Ben, the kids and I are headed to London and we have had so much fun planning everything that we can cram into three days there. We leave super early and come home extremely late but we wanted to make the […]