Lunch, Munch and have some fun.



Packed lunches have always been a little bit of a chore in our house. When Elijah started Primary school two years ago he had a nasty Dairy allergy which had taken two years of hospital admissions and tests to discover. Adapting his diet to being Dairy free, wasn’t too difficult really. He was young enough to accept that when we said something wasn’t good for him then he would just avoid it. However once he started school things became a little bit more difficult. A varied, Healthy, packed lunch with no dairy was actually pretty difficult to get the hang of. And when kids where getting a treat what could Elijah have instead.

After much trail and error, sandwich cutters to make his plain ham sandwiches more interesting, which lead to him playing with his food and not eating it, trying lots of food he wouldn’t touch or even taste, we realised that variety was not the spice of life for Elijah. Routine and repetition was what made him happy when it came to lunch time snacks. Not only in lunch but in life, as Elijah has Asperger’s, nothing makes him happier than routine and knowing exactly what will be in that lunch box when he opens it.


What we discovered not long after our Dairy allergy diagnosis was that although there weren’t many treats he could enjoy due to his strict diet and ASD, (autism spectrum disorder)  food habits what we could do was give him Jelly for a treat. Even better than having a pudding we could carry around with us ( Hartley’s Jelly pots) but we could vary the flavours and even better we had a no added sugar option so it was a fun (mummy guilt free) snack.


This Summer Hartley’s are encouraging mums to get creative with lunch box ideas, after all the Jell pots are the perfect size for lunch boxes and what’s better to beat those back to school blues than a lovely pot of wibbly wobbly jelly. Not only that but if you collect 12 of the special green lids found on No Added Sugar Jelly Pots (115g), you can claim a free Harley’s lunchbox and stickers.


We have lots of fun taking out lunch box out on our summer adventures and Elijah loved the stickers but choose not to put them on his lunch box !! Boys!!!


I hope that if you choose to collect the lids that you have as much fun as we had with ours and what better reason to ‘help’ the kids get extra lids by enjoying some Hartley’s Jelly pots along with them. Go on its sugar free!!

This post is an entry for BritMums #HartleysYourLunchbox Linky Challenge, sponsored by Hartley’s Jelly


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  • Kate Holmes

    Gorgeous happy pics! Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thankinng you for taking part.

    08/28/16 – 19:05