I’ll Rise up in spite of the ache….

Some days, just some days, I think Enough. There are only so many times, when you can smile, and walk away. There are only so many times I can hear the words, ‘we can’t treat it’. I know I could have much worse news. I know in the big picture I have been very lucky. […]

Love that conquers fear.

Sometimes I feel like the whole world is just filled with pain. I turn on the TV and instantly there is an advertisement for a charity for children starving, elderly suffering, adults struggling. Ive watched friends walk through the most difficult times. Ive seen so many unfair circumstances and saw families fall apart, sickness overwhelm […]

A summer full of Super Heroes.

This summer I decided to tick off another item on my bucket list. I decided along with a friend to do a one night trip to Disneyland Paris. Obviously I have been to Disneyland Paris 12 times before. The bucket list part of this trip would be to see how much we could fit in, […]

Two little Ducks went swimming one day…

Do you remember that nursery rhyme? My kids both loved it. Neither have mentioned it for a few years but last week it popped back into my head. When we decided to go to Disney again, we decided to make it a longer trip. Our last trip with the kids had been hard for Elijah. […]

‘We are warriors, that’s what we’ve become’

‘I wont let them break me down to dust’ I am a product of all my experiences. They have shaped me and moulded me. They have never controlled me or defined me. For many years in my life I believed I was ‘never enough’. In recent years this thought has reoccurred in my darkest times. […]


noun: thunder a loud rumbling or crashing noise heard after a lightning flash due to the expansion of rapidly heated air. “there was a crash of thunder” You know those moments in life? The ones where you are trundling along nicely, all the pieces of your puzzle feel like they’re slotting into place and then […]

Mummy in a mess.

Ever have one of those weeks you just couldn’t make up? We’ve had one of those! Partly of my own doing by cramming so much in and partly just random life getting in the way. I started the week by taking Megan to go and see Wonderland at the Grand Opera House in Belfast. We […]

Finding a balance.

This week Ben and I where very blessed to get two nights away to Galgorm Resort and Spa. This is by far Bens favourite type of holiday or break and all other chances of booking holidays in the year are a total no go unless there is space and budget for at least one trip […]

All I want for Christmas.

Is My Family: I want to celebrate the end of  a year with the people I love. I want to gather round and eat too much food, I want to have too much sugar and I want to spend two days feeling far too full up. I want to watch my kids pull the paper […]

Chipped nails and heart felt tears.

  This picture shows my teal shiny nails. I got them done for going to London over three weeks ago and I loved them. Clearly I still love them as I haven’t taken the nail polish off yet, but clearly they look nothing like they did when they where first painted. The paint on my middle […]