Chipped nails and heart felt tears.

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This picture shows my teal shiny nails. I got them done for going to London over three weeks ago and I loved them. Clearly I still love them as I haven’t taken the nail polish off yet, but clearly they look nothing like they did when they where first painted.

The paint on my middle finger chipped off when I accidently broke my nails two weeks after getting them painted. I looked at it and decided I would take the rest off that evening but then when the evening came I decided that actually there was still lots of pretty colour left and I didn’t really want to take the rest off. The paint was still doing what it was designed to do and even with one bare nail my hand still looked nicer with some colour than none at all, (a matter of opinion I know).

You see sometimes in life we get a bit chipped and broken, through no fault of our own. Sometimes we simply doing have the natural ability to hold everything together unaided. Sometimes Its a massive battle to keep going while holes keep appearing and we run out of plaster to cover the gaps and everything becomes one massive juggling act. But the person with the gaps, is no less a person than the one who is held together and when a chipped nail is repainted it looks no different than the nail that never broke at all. Sometimes repaired things even look better because they are more authentic, more real, and within them lies the solution on how to fix the next chipped nail.

Reality is colour or no colour, broken or in tact, my nail was still my nail, no finger could do its role of typing, lifting or even tickling any better or any worse because of its paint or lack of it. Similarly no nail was less of a nail when I took all the paint off and really I get very used to unpainted nails very quickly again and usually really like my regular nails too. Painted nails wouldn’t be pretty if I was born with teal or Minnie mouse nails, (though that would be really really awesome), the novelty wouldn’t be there, I wouldn’t appreciate the beauty if I saw it all the time. Sometimes in life we have to go through storms to appreciate the calm.

I have cried many heartbroken tears over the past month, proper gut wrenching, why me tears. I hate being in a storm. I hate when I’m chipped or when someone I love is chipped and I cant fix things for them. Sometimes the fixing process is really long and difficult, it hurts. Like fixing a bone or a tooth it takes a bit of pain to get the result needed.

One little tiny point worth making though, everyone’s journey is different, no two chips are the same.

Don’t try and advise on an issue you don’t understand and certainly don’t act like you know it all when you’ve never walked it. Its so easy to stand up there all shatterproof and shiny but its the broken ones who are doing all the fixing.

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