Dreaming big & being a princess.

In August 2016 we were blessed to be able to take the kids to see Aladdin in the west end. As I have blogged about it before you will know that we totally fell in love with this production. From the lights to the staging to the truly wonderful singing, dancing and acting it was […]

London 2016 Part 2

Facebook: Twitter: @Kitaclarke On our second Day in London, we had breakfast in our Travelodge hotel. I felt breakfast was great value for money, with a choice of hot breakfast, cereals, fruit, pastries and yogurt. Megan was especially happy as she could have her all time favourite breakfast, beans on toast!! The tea and […]

London, Autism and Aladdin Part 1 This week we have been having an adventure in London. Every year since Ben and I became a couple I have spent a good chunk of my year traveling to England. Now we always try to fit at least one trip to England a year in with our kids. This year due to family […]

A whole new world. #Turning30

While in London this week I had the privilege of going to see the new west end musical Aladdin. Aladdin only officially opened in the west end in the Prince Edward Theatre on Wednesday the 15th of June and Ben and I got to see it on Monday the 20th of June. Aladdin is one […]

The Ritz #Turning30

One week ago I celebrated my 30th Birthday. This weekend for part of my present, Ben and I went to London for 3 days. While in London we planned to meet up with my Mum in law and have dinner. Little did I know that as a birthday surprise she had booked for four of […]