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One week ago I celebrated my 30th Birthday. This weekend for part of my present, Ben and I went to London for 3 days.

While in London we planned to meet up with my Mum in law and have dinner. Little did I know that as a birthday surprise she had booked for four of us to have afternoon tea at The Ritz.

Initially I have to admit I was a little apprehensive, I am not into fancy food, I’m not mad keen on sandwiches and I was certain that they would take one look at me and throw me out the door because I am so far removed from the super posh folk I imagined would dine at the Ritz.

I have to hand on heart say I couldn’t have been more wrong! From the moment you walk up the steps and through the huge black doors, the staff could not be more attentive and kind, from the valet at the front parking all sorts of fancy cars (while also happily helping take group photos on the steps), to the door staff to the waiters and even the cloakroom attendants. Absolutely every staff member makes every person who walks through those doors feel like royalty.

Our booking was for 1.30 and we arrived around 1.30 and where able to be seated immediately in the palm court, as soon as we had been seated the waiter came and introduced himself and asked us if we would like champagne or go straight to tea. My mum in law ordered some Rose champagne which they then brought to us to check we where happy with it and then gave us around 10 mins before taking our order for what tea we would like.


I had The Ritz Chai tea which was truly delicious, just the right amount of spice and as always with a chai, its just like Christmas in a cup. Ben had a passionfriut tea and Douglas (my brother in law) had an Indian tea while Caroline had an English tea. All where extremely delicious and came in massive silver tea pots (which Ben had to pour for me) that seemed to have a never ending supply.

After another ten minutes the waiter brought our tea tray with a selection of sandwiches and our cakes on the top and explained he would bring the scones after we had our sandwiches. I really wasn’t looking forward to trying to eat the sandwiches, I hate mayonnaise and it always seems to be in everything, however there where ham and mustard sandwiches which where just delicious, Douglas enjoyed the Salmon sandwiches and Caroline liked the cucumber while ben enjoyed the cheese and chutney. The waiter continued to bring us extra sandwiched and replace the plates and nothing was too much trouble. He seemed to genuinely want to be sure that the boys especially got enough to eat. We then got brought our plain and fruit scones straight from the oven with jam and clotted cream. They where the lightest scones I have ever tasted and I could defiantly eat another of those right now!!

After our scones we tucked into our buns, I had a very fruity macaroon as did ben and the waiter even brought Ben some more before coming round with another selection of cakes which you could choose from.

After all this amazing food, the piano started to play happy birthday and I was presented with the most beautiful cake (yea my name was spelt wrong but sure) and everyone clapped. There was no cheesy singing and it was just special and magical.


Our booking was until 3.15 and there was no sense of being rushed, we felt very comfortable sitting chatting and we where able to take as many photos as we liked and the wiaters even took a few for us as well.

After our afternoon tea we took a walk through green park to Buckingham palace and then sat and chatted in the sunshine for a while before heading to la tasca for some snacks (I have no idea how we where still hungry) It was good to have somewhere to sit in tho as it was getting chilly. After Caroline had to head back home on the train we headed back to the Hotel ready for our second day in London.


Afternoon Tea at the Ritz probably would not have been an experience I would have ever booked for myself, It costs a lot of money and I suspected it would push me too far out of my comfort zone.

I have to say it was one of the most wonderful experiences of my whole life, I am so grateful that I got to experience it and it made me feel so special. I will be back, it might not be until Megan in 16 but I will be back one day!

three of us

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