Pack a bag

The last time I had to have a bag packed and prepared in case of a hospital stay was when I was pregnant with Elijah. After Miss Meg being in such a hurry to appear we wanted to be prepared in case the same happened again. This Pack a bag doesn’t feel quite the same, […]

It is fear that cannot be trusted.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am Disney obsessed. Its no real surprise that as soon as I saw Frozen 2 I became a bit obsessed. The idea of stepping out of your comfort zone into the unknown with the potential of an adventure or maybe simply finding yourself, was one that really caught me. […]

I choose love

Its been a while since I’ve blogged. Ive felt my voice as been a bit lost recently. However sometimes things need to be said. To be clear, before we begin, this blog post is not addressing the issue of abortion laws changing in northern Ireland. It is a massively controversial topic. One that my own […]

Move Mountains

Age 4, entering a strange new world of education I didn’t know what life would bring my way. The smallest in the class I realised quickly that I preferred to talk to the teachers rather than the pupils. In later life I found out that the teachers had realised quite quickly that academically I wasn’t […]

I’ll Rise up in spite of the ache….

Some days, just some days, I think Enough. There are only so many times, when you can smile, and walk away. There are only so many times I can hear the words, ‘we can’t treat it’. I know I could have much worse news. I know in the big picture I have been very lucky. […]

Keep on climbing.

These are the moments: I love the song The Climb, I’ve written about it before. I love to turn it up loud when it comes on in the car and belt it out while driving and feel like I’m leaving my cares behind. Recently, while listening to it on the radio and singing it out […]

A million dreams.

I remember, almost 11 years ago, as I woke up to find a perfect baby girl placed beside me on the hospital bed, the instant need to make this world a happy place for her. As soon as I found out that I was pregnant I had a million dreams for the little person growing […]

Love that conquers fear.

Sometimes I feel like the whole world is just filled with pain. I turn on the TV and instantly there is an advertisement for a charity for children starving, elderly suffering, adults struggling. Ive watched friends walk through the most difficult times. Ive seen so many unfair circumstances and saw families fall apart, sickness overwhelm […]

She is simply incredible.

Ten years ago our beautiful little princess Megan burst into our lives. She arrived quickly, (after a few false starts) and surrounded by drama. She has been our little princess ever since! Megan had the ability from day one to be able to keep us on our toes. Initially she struggled with reflux but after […]

It’s gotta get easier and easier somehow…

  No one really understands anyone else’s life. Do they? I mean we can have similar experiences and opportunities but no one’s path is exactly the same. The path of depression is not one I ever wanted to be on. This path isn’t even my own, its one that runs along side mine and always has. […]