Thinking out loud

So for the last two months I’ve been silent on something that has completely broken my heart. Why have I been silent I’m not too sure, my whole life I’ve been proud and unafraid to say how I feel and say it with conviction. Sometimes there are times for dignified silence and sometimes there are […]

Falling with style…

After all my bravado on Monday and my infinity and beyond post, I have had a RUBBISH week. From Tuesday morning everything went wrong, from a massive aspie meltdown from Elijah which resulted in Elijah, Megan and I all in tears on the school run to my knee reacting to my injection its just a […]

Disney and me part 2 Meals and Meal plans…

I am by far no expert on the restaurants at DLP, we had been 4 times before we had a character meal, we stuck to general meal places and requested McDonalds more than anywhere else. We are not foodies, mainly because I have a son with ASD and a dairy allergy so basically we go […]

To infinity and Beyond…

Warning this one probably isn’t for the squeamish. Today I had my Knees injected with cortisone, fun huh? As I’ve mentioned before I was diagnosed with arthritis at 21. Its an ongoing battle with highs and lows and requires conscious constant decisions not to give in to the often overwhelming pain. I actually really dislike […]