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While in London this week I had the privilege of going to see the new west end musical Aladdin.

Aladdin only officially opened in the west end in the Prince Edward Theatre on Wednesday the 15th of June and Ben and I got to see it on Monday the 20th of June. Aladdin is one of my all time favourite Disney movies. I had seen a few clips from the Broadway version and was massively impressed and had hoped that we would get a version that was equally as spellbinding. Before we saw the show I read a few reviews and all gave the show and its actors high praise. I did notice one review that referenced the feeling that it was an expensive pantomime, however I went to the show with and open mind fully expecting to enjoy it.


I was NOT disappointed. Aladdin from start to finish was mesmorising, the colours, the music, the set, the actors all just out of this world. From the moment the first note on the first song sounds I was gripped. It helps that the musical starts with a number by Genie. (played by broadway Genie, Trevor Dion Nicholas), whose character draws you in immediately and whose voice and talent leaves you instantly wanting to hear more.

The set is simple yet so clever, always moving and cleverly twisting and turning, twirling, disappearing and reappearing. I found myself often struggling to decide where or who to look at, there was just so much magic to take in. The costumes where so beautiful the colours and sparkles constantly catching my eye and the costume changes where seamless and wonderful. I know when I take my daughter back in august to see the show that the costumes are going to be one of her favourite things about the show.

Each character in the cast performs wonderfully, Aladdin played by the very talented Dean John-Wilson is endearing and although the character has elements of cockiness, I think Dean John Wilson just has an element of vulnerability about him that makes you want to see the ‘street rat’ come good. Jade Ewen makes the perfect Jasmine and I have no doubt that she will be exactly how my daughter imagines Jasmine to be, her voice is pretty and her character fiery a perfect Disney princess. In the musical unlike the film Aladdin has three friends , Babkak, Kassim and Omar who replace what would be Aladdins trusty pet monkey Abu. dispite loving Abu and being a little sad for about 5 seconds that he isn’t in the musical, these three make a wonderful addition. The humour brought by the script but also the wonderful acting and the fun they bring to the story really help to make this musical something special. Jafar and Iago do bring an element of pantomime villan to the show, something that would be missed in America as they have no panto culture. However far from cheapening the performance I think it just adds to the element of fun and you really get behind the characters in wanting to bring down Jafar. Iago is awesome, as one of my favourate Disney characters, due to his reference to the shakespear character in Othello I would have been so sad if he didn’t appear but I did wonder how a bird would work, I’ll try not to spoil anything but as a character he was great.

It has to be said, Trevor Dion Nicholas stole the show, hes rendition of Friend like me is out of this world and the moment he steps on stage you are instantly wowed by his presence. Now this is in no small part because of the production team, the lighting is true fantastic and there are even a few pyrotechnics through out the show but the huge unwavering talent of Trevor Dion Nicholas can not be denied. He brings to Aladdin all the fun, magic and friendliness you expect of any Disney production, he draws in the audience and encourages them to sing a long and every note is sung with perfection. After friend like me the crowd cheered for a full five mins and many people stood to applaud, I have never witnessed anything like it mid performance. Genie was also made famous by the much loved Robin William’s, a true hero of mine so needless to say I was a tiny bit nervous about someone else having that role especially after robin Williams passing but it is safe to say that Nicholas fills Williams shoes and I am sure that he would more than approve of his hilarious and entertaining performance.


This musical spectacular will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish, it has something for everyone with laughter, emotion and a few panicked moments. Friend like me and prince Ali have to be my highlights and watch out for the truly amazing flying carpet. This is a show that after the first song I was already glad I have booked tickets to see it again. I would happily watch it time and time again and if it has elements of pantomime it is simply those well loved comical and heart warming moments but stepped up a gear and the most wonderful version you will ever see. I would highly recommend this show for young and old, you will not regret buying tickets and giving in to the inner Disney fan.

After the show I also went to the stage door and the whole cast are wonderfully friendly, we went to encourage them and tell them how much we enjoyed the performance and they ended up encouraging us!! One of the nicest casts I have ever met and I’ve stalked a few stage doors over the past year. The staff in the theatre where also wonderful as they couldn’t have been more helpful and friendly, with some even chatting about their favourate Disney films and characters and even the girl on the merchandise stand who was upselling but in a very fun and non pushy way.

aladdin3 iago

It is also worth joining the delfont mackintosh mailing list as they sent us a fab wee offer for a drink, programme and chocolate. Or if your a keen theatre goer I find it well worth joining the delfont mackintosh priority club were for £30 per year you get emailed special offeres, you get free cloak room facilities (apart from prince Edward theatre), vouchers for two free programmes and a free drink and ice cream. http://www.delfontmackintosh.co.uk/priority/default.asp

Also take some spare money because the merchandise on sale is fantastic!! I couldn’t resist a t-shirt and a new Disney pin.




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