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Ever have one of those weeks you just couldn’t make up?

We’ve had one of those! Partly of my own doing by cramming so much in and partly just random life getting in the way.

I started the week by taking Megan to go and see Wonderland at the Grand Opera House in Belfast. We made a little girly evening of it. We got the train to Belfast, did a little bit of shopping in the Disney store and then headed for lunch with my lovely friend, before going to see the show.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m not a huge Alice in Wonderland fan but Megan is. Her obsession has meant in recent months the Tim Burton films have been growing on me so I thought this would be well worth a try for Megan’s birthday gift. I have to say Wonderland is an amazing musical. From start to finish we were both captivated, Megs adored the Mad Hatter and I loved Kerri Ellis as Alice. The whole cast were wonderful and really brought each character to life. I could happily have watched it every night had I not had such a mad, jam packed week.

Of course being out on a week night took it out of Megan, who loves her sleep, and she was very tired. This was not helped by the fact that Elijah had surgery on Tuesday morning and we needed to leave the house at 6.30 to get through traffic and parked. This meant having everything for Megan organised and waking her just before we left as her Granddad was looking after her. We all were a bit exhausted on Tuesday morning. Elijah’s surgery in November did not go according to plan and so there wasn’t much sleep had for Ben and I on Monday night.

Thankfully on Tuesday, after a bit of a wait and a tricky bit of fasting, Elijah’s surgery went amazingly well – far better than we could have ever hoped for. It even seems as though if all heals well, this might be the last bit of surgery he needs. Although he recovered remarkably quickly, by the evening he was a little unsettled and upset so he ended up sleeping in our bed. As Elijah does an awesome impression of a starfish, it wasn’t the best night sleep Ben and I have ever had but on a positive note Elijah slept really well.

On Wednesday Morning Megan said she wasn’t feeling great. Assuming she was just a bit tired from the events of the past two days, and maybe a bit jealous of her brothers time off school, I sent her on into school. I then headed to Ballymena to have a tooth extracted. My medication has a wonderful side effect of making my teeth break (I do love sweets too so I have to take some responsibility). I have had three wisdom teeth taken out before but always with sedation. Now thanks to yet another wonderful side effect of my arthritis and dodgy lungs, I no longer can be sedated. I knew I needed to get it out to prevent infection, which would stop my infusions, so I bit the bullet and booked the appointment but the day after surgery was the only time they could fit me in. I felt bad having to go out the day after Elijah’s surgery but thankfully he was in good form with my Mum. The tooth wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected. I was just very nervous and I have to admit I was so tensed up that my joints are a bit more irritated still now two days on. My jaw joint is also agony, it was inflamed before the treatment and its pretty awful now having been irritated further but it will pass.

I was able to go home and watch movies with Elijah the rest of the afternoon, both feeling a little rough we were good company for each other.

When I collected Megan from school she wasn’t feeling great, I sent her up for a nap and she seemed to improve but then by bed time she had a really high temperature. Ben and I took turns trying to get her cooled down and calmed, with Ben eventually sleeping on her bedroom floor with the radio on to get her to fall asleep for a little bit. When I took her to the Doctor yesterday we established she has tonsillitis and needed an antibiotic, (bad mummy thinking she just wanted a day off on Wednesday). We have also had massive battles to get her to take her medicine with her declaring so loud, the whole street can hear that ‘you are trying to poison me’.

Thankfully last night we all had a pretty good nights sleep. Today, however, I realised that I had forgotten that Elijah needs to dress up for his BB display tonight. I’m having to be a little ‘creative’ with what I am sending for him to wear. I also reckon that at least one of us will fall asleep during the display.

So basically this week I feel exhausted and a bit of a failure. I didn’t have confidence in the surgeon and perhaps made Elijah more nervous than he needed to be. I didn’t realise Megan was actually sick, I had to leave Elijah when he was recovering. Ben had to sleep on the floor in Megan’s room even though he had to go to work the next day. I’m fairly certain none of us have eaten anything remotely healthy all week. I forgotten homework’s, notes and healthy break time snacks.

I could laugh because I have planned to write a few blogs for Autism awareness month which starts on Saturday. But I have realised this is our real life! It’s manic and crazy sometimes and none of this had anything to do with autism. Yes there were a few times within this week where Autism played a part but mostly this is just it. As a family we’re just a bit messy.

As much as I’ve felt a bit rubbish and like I’ve failed both my kids and my hubby, I know that I have done the best I possibly can. It’s just a fact that life is messy, things get in the way and we’re all just juggling the best we can most of the time.

There isn’t a huge point to this blog just sometimes when we’re all having a tough week it’s good to know that we’re not alone. None of us have it all figured out and all together but sure we’re winging it together nicely xx

Be prepared for the Autism posts in the next few days xx


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  • Mel

    You do an amazing job never doubt that!! Look how beautiful and fun your kids are. Lots of love xx

    03/31/17 – 13:05