London baby!!!!!


We are so excited to head off on our little summer break this week. Ben, the kids and I are headed to London and we have had so much fun planning everything that we can cram into three days there.

We leave super early and come home extremely late but we wanted to make the most of our time there, no doubt we will be exhausted when we get back.

We have tickets booked to see Aladdin the musical in London’s west end. This will be Megan and Elijah’s second west end show and it will be the second time that Ben and I have seen Aladdin and I am so excited to see it again.

A big part of the reason for us going to London is that Megan really wanted to see the war museum due to her learning about ww2 in school this year. I love that she loves to learn and is happy to spend her free time learning even more! We are also going to the natural History museum at Elijah’s request.

This trip we are also super excited to try and find some Dream Jars from the BFG film, lots of people have made special jars and they are being auctioned off for charity but until then, there is a map to follow to find as many as possible all around London. Elijah is desperate to see Simon Cowel’s jar and Megan really wants to see Tom Fletchers, we will see what our sense of direction is like once we get into London. Even though Ben is a Londoner, 13 years away has made him a little rusty.

Megan and I decided to give making a youtube video a go so we could share our excitement with you all.

Have a great week what ever you are doing and prepare for loads of London blogs in the next few days.

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