Best Friends forever?



benandmeLife is a funny thing. So often I have so many ideas of how my life should be and I get so caught up in emotion when things aren’t going the way I expected.

I have loved this past few years where I have become more confident in myself. More aware of the people I want to surround myself with and trusted my own instincts and judgement more than I ever have before. However recently in several situation I have found myself questioning that judgement and again hurt and let down in circumstances I never expected.

That’s the thing with life though isn’t it? Its not always that our judgement was wrong or friends or situations weren’t right, but circumstances change and people change and therefore relationships change. That’s not something to beat ourselves up over.

I got married a lot earlier than most of my friends and because of that I found  myself in a different group of friends, often with people older than myself, which was different but non the less great and those relationships where helpful and the old friendship weren’t bitter or sad it was just a simple drift. Now I find myself with lots of my peers getting married and having children and those friendships have rotated and the old friendships have strengthened again where the newer ones have drifted as the other people are at a different point in life again.

Life goes in cycles, sometimes the company we keep is based on the situation we are in. Other times is based on similar likes and sometimes people are simply brought into our lives when were not looking for them and those are just the most awesome realtionships you can ever have.

The important thing is not to get caught up in the bad situations. We cant let one bad able spoil the whole tree.

I get so worried about Elijah’s social difficulties I worry that he wont have enough friends that he wont be able to navigate life easily without having lots of people around him. Then I look at my own life. I keep my circle small. The people I have spent time with, invested in and learned to really trust, have always got my back and I’ve got theirs. I don’t need loads of people around me I just need a few good people to talk to, to laugh with and to lean on. He will be the same.

Asperger’s wont stop him from finding a few good people who really get him and really when you find that you don’t need anything else.

Just be clear, just so every knows, DISNEY friends make the BEST friends.



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