Traveling, party bags and delays.


I don’t love flying, I always find myself wishing that I could just press a button and magically be at my destination. For someone who doesn’t like flying, I find myself doing it an awful lot.

One thing that makes travelling most stressful is the packing. Especially when travelling with children. I find no matter where we go I end up packing for all four seasons and putting pretty much everything but the kitchen sink into my suitcase.

When we travel with the children I always pack ‘party bags’ with little activities, treats and surprises to keep them amused and distracted on the plane. This I have found to be a total lifeline.

When Ben and I decided to travel to London on our own last year it was amazing how much easier it is to pack for just the two of us. Yes the hand luggage still ends up full but we didn’t even need hold luggage. When I packed Ben laughed as he realised I still packed little Party bags for us, our hand luggage had, magazines, music, iPad, sweets, treats etc. mainly to distract me from flying.

However when our flight was delayed for 5HOURS! He wasn’t laughing when we had loads to keep us amused until take off. everything is alright if you have chocolate.

5 Hour delay, a big taxi bill because the trains stopped running and a very sleepy start to our first day. Maybe traveling with the kids was easier after all!


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