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You know when you are just about to fall asleep at night and then your brain just starts buzzing? That seems to be the only time at the moment that I get any ideas on what to write. Of course i’m just that wee bit too sleepy to get up, go downstairs and get the laptop. By the morning, try as I might I just cant think of all those ideas I had, annoyingly I can remember that I had a good idea just no clue what it was or even the topic.

I know when I got my tattoo I bored you all with my love of Peter pan and I’m just gonna briefly recap on that. Its one of my fav Disney movies, I remember watching it over and over again and I still do. My granddad loved it too and so it was a special connection we had that he would always sign my cards with a hook, as he was also called James. When I got birthday or Christmas money he would always tell me to ‘squander it’ in a pirate voice (thanks for that life lesson in how to be awful at saving!!). I remember spending hours with my granddad and brother building lego pirate boats, before lego officially branded everything Disney. We pretended to be captain hook and smee and played for hours.

Not only the family memories but I just loved the whole idea of peter pan, is no secret that I had a bumpy start to life and although my mum and dad loved and protected me fiercly, reality was sometimes life was a bit tough. What is more appealing to a child than the thought of being able to fly off to a magical land and having amazing adventures every night. I’m fairly certain that I visited Neverland millions of times in my dreams.

These things along with the later film Hook staring Robin Williams just cemented my love of all things peter pan, I mean who doesn’t love Robin Williams and the idea that even as an adult we have the ability to find that magic? And best not to get me started on my love of Hook from once upon a time!!

Recently a friend brought Ruth B’s song Lost boys to my attention and its one of those songs that totally moved me. I think it will forever be special to me. I know loads of other people love it and it just has a way of connecting with that little girl in me who just wanted to be friends with Peter Pan and maybe the deeper insecurities of wanting freedom and not quite knowing where I fitted in, in the real world.

I think no matter where we are in life we all need a little bit of magic. Its healthy every now and then to be that boy or girl who never grew up. To grab hold of life, think of that happy thought and take flight.


Never Grow up.

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