Barbed wire



I remember around in late 90’s/00’s that barbed wire bracelet tattoos where really popular and I remember having a plastic/rubber neon barbed wire bracelet at one point and thinking it was super cool. An awesome mix of cool and tough – actually what it was, was pretty naff, but we must go through these daft fashion phases.

The funny thing is, as much as I went along with that little trend, barbed wire has always scared me a bit (too many episodes of casualty). There is something about the way its harmless from a distance but the moment you get too close you become tangled and trapped and not only that you get hurt, you skin ripped and torn. The thought of having to pull free from that wire terrified me, even thinking about it now makes me cringe. Its a good job I was never an overly rebellious teen and didn’t ever feel the need to climb any walls etc and have never felt any need to be in close proximity to barbed wire.

Just like this wire, there are situations in life that I can become tangled in. Sometimes the situation can seem safe going close seems like a good idea, sure I can protect myself. Then before I know it, its my own ‘knowledge’ or vulnerability or willingness or weakness or pride that pulls me a little bit too close and before I know it, my jumper is caught and I’m hooked.

The more I move the more tangled I become, if I stay still I might avoid injury but I’ll also be stuck.

If I move further in, the wire will cut deeper. If I pull away that’s gonna hurt the most but its really the only positive solution.

There will be scars, they’ll show from time to time, but they’ll serve as a reminder to be more careful next time, they’ll also show where I’ve been, what I’ve faced and how I survived it.


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