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Today miss Megan had her 9th birthday Party and although she was turning 9 this was only the second birthday party she has had. It took me a good few years to recover from the first one!!

Todays party was simply amazing though and I cant wait for her to go back again, and Eli to go back and well I’m even working on Ben agreeing to me having a birthday party there.

Todays party was at Flossy Treats in Galgorm . This is a family run business that is a sweet shop, selling all those childhood favourites as well as some modern masterpieces. Then in the back of the shop they have a workshop where they hold birthday parties, (They also go to events, weddings, school fairs and a whole host of other amazing things).

We started the day by collecting a few of Megan’s friends and heading the 20 mins down the road to Galgorm. Finally making good use of the 7 seater car these past two weekends. We got to Flossy treats about 15mins early and where welcomed in by the staff straight away. The staff where great fun from the start, chatting to the kids and making a fuss of Megan and showing them all the posters around the walls that explain where chocolate comes from, (see chocolate comes from a tree I say that makes it healthy!! also educational!!).

Once Everyone had arrived the kids all washed their hands and sat at the table. They were then presented with lots of bowls of sweets right along the table and then given a countdown before they all took a bun case each and filled them with all the sweets they wanted. Amazingly the staff where super kind when Elijah wanted something more plain and they let him have how own little bowl of jelly rings.



Once they had filled their cases they then had a plate which they then learned would be filled with chocolate before the decorated the chocolate with all their lovely sweets. The kids could each have milk chocolate, white chocolate or a mixture of the two, when they choose a mixture they could then have swirls, spirals or marble patterns made in their chocolate pizzas. All of the chocolate at flossy treats is the highest quality Belgium chocolate and its very true that you can taste the difference in the quality. It really was delicious and the kids could resist dipping their fingers into their pizzas. It was fun to see all the kids get creative and all do their own thing, no two pizza’s looked the same and they all admired each others handy work. The pizza’s where put into the fridge to shock cool and we moved on to the next part.


Next the kids could choose between making a chocolate bar and a lolly pop. For each of these they choose one type of chocolate and then decorate it with some more yummy sweets and they even got to hide a special little surprise in their bars if they wanted to, but ill not go into that to spoil the surprise if anyone chooses to have a party there. The kids loved this as much as the pizzas. These too went into the fridge.


While the kids waited for the chocolate to set they got some colouring pages to colour in and they all really enjoyed this and while they all happily coloured the adults got some tea and coffee.


Then we brought out the birthday cake (supplied by Little treats NI). This Unicorn cake went down a treat and there where lots of screams when we cut into it to reveal a rainbow cake! Best cake reaction ever!!


After cake everyone got their pizzas and chocolate bars/lolly’s back, they all looked amazing once they had hardened and they got put in awesome little pizza boxes. Everyone was so pleased with what they had made and all the kids raved about the party and even told Megan that because she’s on the student council she needs to get Flossy Treats to come to school…. watch this space!!


We had a brilliant day, I loved watching the kids really enjoy themselves and honestly a family run business with people who are full of fun and genuinely nice and want your kids to have a great time makes all the difference. So many places churn birthday parties out like a conveyor belt, there is nothing personal and the parents are on the side lines. I have got to enjoy my daughters birthday and know I have memories now we will never forget. Megan had a blast, while still feeling grown up and that she got good time with all of her friends in a setting that allowed the day to be all about fun and friendship.


Also Derek, who runs Flossy treats is a Disney fan – what’s not to love?!! So if your looking for an awesome Birthday party there is nowhere I could recommend more highly.




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