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Day three saw us back in the main park for the day, The kids where all dressed as frozen characters so we headed to get a few pictures with the usual magic hours characters. We noticed this time that there where a lot less photopass photographers out and about which was disappointing. We dd get to meet a wonderful cast member who had his picture with all the kids. We also got to meet some more lovely girls from The Disney Village, its lovely meeting other Disney fans and making new friends.


Photo pass is pass you can buy which allows you to have all your photo location and ride photos on one app which you can then print in dlp for a fee or save them and print them once your home. They are saved to the website for a full year so you have lots of time before you need to download or print them. There are two options for this which is a regular photo pass which you can buy when you get there or add to your package, or an annual photo pass which last a year. This costs 59.99 Euro and you can get an annual pass 20% discount on that too. When you get a good photographer just one magical moment can make the pass worth every penny, a few photographers will just take the basic 2 or three pictures but most will capture special magical moments and reactions.


The girls then had a mission to meet Merida so we headed off in that direction while the boys did some rides and Ben also headed to the pin trading shop to get a limited edition star wars pin for Eli as it was may the 4th (star wars day). It ended up that all the boys managed to spend some ££ in there!!


Merida was great fun as always and we had fun doing some poses but again there was no photographer. We then headed over to queue for the Aladdin meet, we where really hoping to meet jasmine but unfortunately she wasn’t about all week so we met genie instead which was very fun but we did have a few tears from Megan as she was really hoping for jasmine. Ben headed to get a princess pavilion ticket to cheer her up while everyone else had another go on pirates of the caribean.


After that we headed to main street for Minnie’s spring time train, while we waited the boys went to bella note for some pizzas for us all, I had the kids mickey shaped pizza and it was really delicious, this is high on my list for food for the next trip too! Once we had eaten it was time for the parade, this is a very quick parade but at the end in front of the castle some bunny dancers are teaching everyone how to ‘hop hop hop all day in a sunny bunny land’ Megan went and joined in and says this was the highlight of her trip and I have to say theres something very magical about dancing with a crowd in the sunshine in front of the castle, its the stuff dreams are made of!


We then headed to the chaparral theatre to catch the new show which was there (this sadly closed this weekend), Forest of enchantment. This is a show which was specifically created for Disneyland paris. It hassongs Pocahontas, merida, Rapunzel, jungle book and tarzan and a unique song for the show which is actually what I came away singing. Its a wonderful, singing, dancing spectacular, with singers so talented they give you goosebumps (Jordan Todd is one of them, check him out on twitter/youtube), acrobatic forest creatures and wonderful Disney characters. It was truly magical. The first show we saw was in English and French but it didn’t bother me cause I just sang along in English however when we saw it the next day totally in English it did flow a little better. I loved this show I could have watched it several times a day every day and I would love to see it when I go back so I am praying the rumours its coming back are true.


After the show we watched the parade again and the children got some lovely reactions for their matching forzen costumes especially when anna and elsa spotted them. Then we headed to meet snow white. On our last trip we had a less than magical experience with snow white which left Megan in tears however snow white this time redeemed herself and we had a lovely time chatting and getting lovely pictures.



Although this was technically a budget trip, two of the kids absolutely love rainforest café so we decided to treat the kids and all go there for dinner, it was a lovely meal but again reminded us all just ow long table service takes and althought it was lovely because it was at the end of our day, had we been on meal plan and having table service meals in the day we would have lost a lot of park time.


Afterwards the kids got to spend their holiday money they had been saving although they where all very tired and then Emma and I enjoyed some retail therapy while the Disney dads where in charge of bedtimes.

Another end to another magical day, but tomorrow would be our last day in the happiest place on earth!

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