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So I know that I usually post on trying to see the butterfly moments in life but sometime we have to embrace the caterpillar ones when they are here.

When i’m having a caterpillar day, maybe where my arthritis is just so sore that I cant physically or psychologically face the world there are some things that just make those days so much better and actually sometimes I can feel so much better for having a caterpillar day.

I love a day where I can read a girly novel ( I love Lucy Diamond and Jojo Moyes)  or an inspiring book (Holly Wagner is my fav for making me feel empowered). There isn’t much that beats a lovely warm hot chocolate, a comfy sofa, a fluffy blanket, a hot water bottle and a good book or soppy film.  Maybe this is why I fit in on the rheumatology ward so well, I’m not sure if I’m tuning 30 or 60!!

I am totally fine with not being able to go out clubbing or stay up all night, even without arthritis I’ve always needed a good night sleep. I’ve never felt the need to climb a mountain or run a marathon (Though id love one of those Disney marathon medals so maybe one day Ben will run for me). Truth be told I love nothing better than being relaxed with a good book. I could def. live without the pain though.

Isn’t it funny how some things just make us feel better tho. I have a jumper that is at least 15 years old. My hubby was wearing it when I first met him all those years ago and When he moved here 12 years ago it was one of those jumpers he could only wear around the house it was worn out. Somehow I managed to end up acquiring it and I still wear it any time I’m feeling a bit rough its just a manky old jumper but it makes me feel so much better the second I put it on.

When we feel down and a bit low its funny how something simple can make all the difference. Just like a cuddle from someone who loves us and makes us feel safe can put everything right with the world again.

Sometimes its just the simple little snuggly things that suddenly turn the caterpillar days to unexpected butterfly ones.

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