Just like we dreamed it, Breakfast, Princesses and Inventions.

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Day two we where at breakfast again by quarter past seven, Cheyenne gets a bit of a bad rep for it’s crazy breakfasts and certainly if you go from 8am onwards you will face a very long queue even in off peak seasons however as I’ve mentioned previously magic hours are the best time in the park due to the queues being at their shortest so I highly recommend an early breakfast.IMG_2961

Breakfast consists of cereals, bread rolls, ham, cheese, croissants ,toast, pan au chocolat and yougart and fruit salad as well as tea, coffee, hot chocolate (amazing)  and apple or orange juice. I am more than happy with this selection and for our next trip we are staying in the sequoia lodge which offers a hot breakfast and my daughter cried because she would miss the breakfast at Cheyenne so much (we reassured her she can still get her chocolate cerial and toast).

After breakfast we walked to the park, this takes around 15 mins depending on what games the five children decided to play along the way, some mornings they where pretending to be ducks, some they where Star Wars characters and some they played a game of chase the whole way to the park. The walk was one of My favourite parts of the trips, when the kids could just play and relax and talk about their plans for the day or their favourite part of the day on the way home.


On day two for magic hours we had two mickeys, Donald and Megan’s, Emma and Abigail where all Minnie Mouse. Emma bounded as Minnie and she got as much fab interaction from the characters as all the kids. We got some fab pics of the kids posing with Minnie including some twirling from Emma and Minnie, Megan also gave Minnie her picture and got a wonderful response, however in magic hours Minnie is in her swing into spring costume (season runs from March until the end of May). So we knew we would have to try and catch her in her classic red dress later in the day. We then headed to meet mickey and Donald who tried to kidnap Asher who was our little Donald, the smile on ashers face was priceless. Elijah gave his picture to Donald and got a big cuddle and we got this fab picture of our two boys who are best friends along with their heroes who are best friends, my heart melts every time I look at it.



We then did some rides and headed to get a ticket for princess pavilion again as Megan was dressed as Rapunzel and she really wanted to meet Rapunzel while she was dressed the same, when we went in it was Ariel who we met, Megan was still very happy with this and Ariel was truly wonderful with all the kids and she even laughed at Ben and Neil who have named themselves the ‘DISNEY DADS’  when they took a ‘shelfie’.


A cast member was also very kind and advised us of the time we where most lightly to meet Rapunzel and as the park was quiet we where able to make another appointment for 1pm to come back. When we came back Megan and Abigail where dressed as Rapunzel, Elijah was Flynn and Megan had a picture ready to give to Rapunzel. Thankfully Rapunzel was there and Megan enjoyed a lovely chat with her and Rapunzel admired megans long blonde hair just like her own. Mission find Rapunzel was complete but the princess journey didn’t end here.

rapunzel hairrapunzel1

For lunch we tried our very first Hakuna matata in adventureland , I had chicken strips and the special Hakuna matata chips and Ben had the wrap, the kids both had sausages and rice, all where delicious and we actually returned here on our last day because we enjoyed it so much. It was around 40 Euros for the four of us, using my annual pass 10% discount.

We then headed over to the studios park because the two youngest boys had been asking to do tower of terror since we arrived the day before, this was a first for Elijah and also his first big ride. I wasn’t overly enthusiastic although I wanted to try it. Emma the boys and I headed to the ride with both boys having a small wobble but both decided to go ahead, we waited around ten mins with Elijah’s access pass and I was amazed how brave Elijah was on the ride. He didn’t scream at all and he kept his eyes open the whole time and loved getting a glimpse of the whole park, I screamed my head off the whole time. When the ride stopped Elijah said he’s never ever going on that again and none of his family ever can either.


Studios park was busier than iv normally seen it, even with our access passes the queue was too long for ratatouille, we did parachute drop several times and slinky dog and the magic carpets and then headed to stitch live where Two of the kids got picked out by stitch which they loved.

On Tuesday we where booked into inventions for 6pm and we had a great meal with a good selection of food, we had lots of characters with Elijah being especially excited to meet mickey and our friends boys where dressed as Pinocchio and jiminy cricket and where very excited to see Pinocchio and gipeto who made a big fuss of them. At inventions we saw, mickey, Minnie, goofy, Pluto, Eeyore, Gepetto, and Pinocchio.


Inventions is a great way to meet characters all in one go, you don’t need to rush towards them and they make their way round everyone’s tables. This time we did have a couple of children coming to our table but I think its maybe because they hadn’t had it explained to them how it works.  regular lunch and dinner every day in inventions has a variation between the characters we had and also chip, dale Donald and daisy and occasionally a more unusual character. Sunday Brunch each week is themed and this is when you often get lots more unusual characters such as the aristocats or lilo and stitch or peter pan characters or sometimes you get the regular characters but in special costumes. I would highly recommend visiting inventions once in your trip, its one of the more expensive places to eat but the experience is well worth it and it is a buffet so you do get a good amount to eat. Before our November trip I would have recommended café mickey however our last meal there was so terrible I would rather pay a bit extra and go to inventions. It was a perfect end to a wonderful day.




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