Bank Holidays, Bowling and Angry birds.



Who doesn’t love a bank holiday weekend? An extra day before the routine begins again, a whole 24hrs more before the Sunday blues kick in, no homework for an extra day.

In our house I love that Bens off for an extra day and one day less (actually two extra days this time) of the dreaded school run. However the Half term activities are a bit of a nightmare in our house, so much so that quite often Ben will work bank holidays and take the leave at another point in the year.

You see because the kids are off they expect to go somewhere to make the most of their freedom, especially if its sunny they want to go for a day out to one of the 10 places that the whole country descends to on a sunny day. The thing is with having an Aspie husband and son, crowds, lots of noise and long waits are all pretty much a no go. This makes the planning key, however giving Ben and Eli choices are as much of a nightmare as the queues and crowds and traffic!! If I ask Megan her opinion its always to go to one of the 10 places that the other two will spend they day grumping (ben) or in a meltdown (Eli) or both doing both while I try not to loose Megan in a crazy crowd and get bumped into 100 times and have aching bones by the end of the day.

So because of our random little family, we plan what will possibly be some of the more quiet activities or we save our days out for midweek summer holidays or weekends which actually tend to be quieter.

Today we had planned, Miss Meg started the day with some daddy time with a hair cut and breakfast then we headed to crazy golf only to discover its closed down, this prompted loads of tears (I always have a plan B that we discuss and are prepared for but actually today I hadn’t). We managed to get fitted in for ten pin bowling instead but we had never taken the kids before thankfully the noise didn’t bother Eli too much and its quite a small area so he felt happy. Megan having protested that bowling was stupid absolutely loved it and was a wee natural.  Eli struggled a little with understanding he might not hit all the skittles every time but once we worked on that he had great fun.

bowling1 bowling2

We then went for ice cream at the fab ice cream parlour CC Burtons in Junction 1 which everyone was very happy about.


We Then headed to see Angry birds at the cinema which I was dreading a bit, how good could it really be? But it was very funny there where plenty of jokes for adults and kids without being crude or silly. Eli and Megan both loved it. There was quite a nice wee message that although were all different sometimes a quality that is seen as a weakness can be what is actually the making of us.


We headed to Redz for dinner which is rapidly becoming our fab place to eat as family, with tasty reasonably priced food, lovely staff, and a relaxed atmosphere it suits us really well. By dinner though Megan was feeling very tired, Eli had sensory overload and as I have damaged a disk in my back I was in so much pain we ate quite quickly (with Eli sat on the floor with his plate of chips on his seat).

We had a really nice day and despite thinking sometimes that it would just be so much easier to always stay at home but I’m so glad we embrace our days out and our quirky ways, maybe it might just be the making of all of us.

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