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bestiestake two

On Tuesday our third day we started off as before with magic hours in the same park, meeting pluto, goofy then Donald and mickey and the chipmunks and again got some lovely pictures and interaction. We then did some fun pictures in front of the castle. Then We headed over and did the buzz lightyear ride and then decided to get over to studios for it opening at 10. We headed straight to meet Buzz lightyear and only had to wait ten minutes for our time slot and then some of went to meet spiderman while the others went on crush’s coaster.

Spiderman is wonderful to meet, Elijah loves to meet him and he is always wonderful with him. Elijah had also drawn Spiderman a picture and he loved it. They did some fab pictures and Megan especially loved how the wind machine was blowing her hair. If you haven’t met Spiderman before I highly recommend going to meet him, even if you or your kids aren’t majorly interested in superhero’s I’m sure you will still enjoy it.


Megan then decided that she wanted to go on crushes coaster which was her first big ride, we headed to the entrance and she was quite anxious, when we got to the front of the queue I told her she didn’t have to go on it but she really wanted to try something new. The cast member here was wonderful, she knelt down to megans level and explained exactly what the ride did and how there was no need to be afraid she would be safe, she then helped megan onto the ride. Megan was quiet through the ride and kept here eyes closed, again I screamed the whole time. When she got off the ride she burst into tears, however she was just relieved as she had herself all worked up and insisted that she loved it and cant wait to go back on it again next time.

We went to have lunch in studios park in the main café area, the queues weren’t big as it was early but it still took a good 20/25 mins to get food, again it was around 40/50 euros for the four of us but the food wasn’t as good here as in other places, in future I will probably stick to eating in the main park or in the Disney village.

After lunch studios was feeling very busy, as with all of Disneyland Paris there is quite a lot of refurbishment going on in order for the park to be back to its former glory in time for the 25th anniversary in 2017 and I think the reason studios feels so busy as everything open is pretty much in one area so its a lot of people in a small space.


We  decided to head over to the main park while the others stayed in studios and we agreed to meet up for the parade. When we got to the park we headed over to meet Tiana and Naveen which we had never done before and its a really nice change to be able to meet a prince and princess together. I’m not a big fan of princess and the frog but my kids both really like it and the meet was wonderful. Tiana and Naveen chatted for ages and Naveen told Elijah what it was like to have been turned into a frog. I also enjoyed a great chat with them about my favourite Disney characters, I love when a character includes the whole family. Tiana also asked Megan to pass on a message to Megan for her however when we went to see Merida there where no more time slots for that day so we planned it for the next day.


We then headed back to main street where we managed to meet Thumper, Marie and Scrooge McDuck, all great meets and megan gave thumper her drawing of him and he gave her a massive cuddle. We headed to main street to get a spot for the parade, it was getting busy around an hour and a half before it started this is mich earlier than we are used to when we go in winter, usually we are the only ones waiting an hour before parade and we only wait that early because its when we have a snack.


The characters where fab in Magic on parade with lots of waves and hi fives for the boys dressed as buzz and Megan was dancing along to the music and Eli enjoyed watching all the characters again. Magic on parade is always wonderful but I will be glad if the rumours of a new parade for the 25th anniversary are true as we have seen this same parade a lot!

We headed over to autopia for one last go and the Disney dads did some pics in front of the castle before heading to earl of sandwich for dinner, This again was a first for us. I had the Hawaiian bbq sandwich and Ben had steak and cheese, Megan had a hot dog and Elijah had ‘a special French pizza’ we all really loved our food, Megan especially loved the hot dog and the brownies you get for desert are out of this world!! I don’t know how we have never tried the food here before but we will def be back. Again fed all four of us for around 40 euro and with a dream annual pass you get 10% discount.


Emma and I then managed to convince the ‘Disney dads’ to put the kids to bed and we got an hour to chat in the hotel bar, (the only place I could get any wifi or any internet at all the whole trip). I love having a friend who understands the need to upload disney pics. X


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