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We started the day with meeting Pluto and Goofy who where on the bandstand facing the Disneyland castle, we got some lovely pictures and the children who all five where dressed as characters from peter pan and all matched.IMG_2520

We then headed to fantasyland and everyone went on the dumbo ride while I grabbed my first Disneyland hot chocolate of the trip, if you have never had hot choc from Disneyland you haven’t lived!

IMG_2568 We then headed to my favourite ride, the teacups!! I not very brave with rides any more I think when I became a parent I became afraid of everything!! After that Eli was a bit over whelmed so he want off with Ben to get his new annual pass and the rest of us headed to the iconic its a small world, this ride was being refurbished on our last trip and Megan really missed it, we where excited to see it again and it was defiantly much brighter and cleaner and it was fun to see the kids faces as we went along.

After small world my friends Husband saw that the queue fro princess pavilion was small so he had the clever idea to go and get a time slot for later in the day which worked great. Now princess pavilion could have a full blog on its own the amount of time we spend over several trips queuing for it, praying for specific characters, chatting to princesses, begging not to see Cinderella/Ariel AGAIN and pretty much stalking Rapunzel! This trip Disneyland had stopped using the ticket system they had installed on our last trip and this time it was a straight forward quing system. We have a disabled access pass so rides and attractions work a little differently for us, so in this system we go to the exit  usually fairly early in the morning depending on how busy the park is and we get a time slot for some point in that day, if your the first person in the queue at magic hours for when it opens at 10 you will probably go straight in. This system and the fact the park was quiet for most f our trip wored trip worked really well for us and one day we where actually able to get two slots and the cast member told us the best time to come back frofor us to have a chance of seeing Rapunzel. This is very unusall and the def couldn’t do it when the park is busy it also very much depends on the cast member too but we really appreciated the kindness and it really made Megan’s day getting to meet her fav princess.

After getting our time slot we headed over to do pirates of the carabean which was a ride our wee family hadn’t tried before but our friends told us how fab it was an I’m so glad they did, after being a bit anxious my kids both loved it and we did it several times over the trip.

we then headed over to the peter pan meet in adventure land, this was a bit nervewrecking as we had five children dressed as pan, wendy, jake, hook and tinkerbell and we wanted them all to be happy with their characters. We got a time slot and as it was only ten mins away we sat down had some snacks (we brought lots of snacks in our backpacks each day) .  These characters rotate every twenty mins or so and the first character to arrive was captain hook. Now I love hook as a character and one of the kids was dressed as hook which was fab but as hook doesn’t speak its a little bit hard to get much interaction, we had a lovely pic and then we got another time slot. The second character was Smee, now this was another first for me because for the first time I had made an attempt at Disney bounding (where you dress in similar colours to a Disney character) so I was excited and the kids loved meeting smee and there was better interaction. Just as we where about to walk away wendy came out. Wee megan was gutted as she was dressed as wendy, however, and this is a major highlight of my trip, a very lovely lady who was bounding as snowwhite offered to share her slot with us if the cast member said it was ok, the cast member was also gutted that the kids had missed wendy so she agreed. By this stage the boys where a bit bored so just the girls met wendy but she was so wonderful and megans face was a picture it really was wonderful. It is also proof that Disney fans are the best in the world and I am very glad to have found Jo on a facebook Disney fan page we are both members of.


We then headed back to do some rides when we spotted peter pan heading to the photo location, we told Eli and Megan to wave, when peter pan told them to follow him, we hesitated but he shouted to join him, they rand after him along with Ben and peter took their hands and took them along with him, he then asked Elijah why he didn’t have his peter pan hat on, had hook stolen it? so Eli put it back on and peter showed him how to put it on properly and then took some pics with the kids, it was honestly the most magical moment, I could cry thinking about it now. Especially how Eli had been struggling a little with sensory overload, that kind of interaction just means the world to him and us, this is why we go back to Disneyland so often for moments like this.

We had lunch at toad hall, where the food was lovely, fish and chips and service was fast but it was a bit tricky to get a seat.

We then headed to buzz light year laser blast and  autopia two of the kids favourite rides, and then to its a small world again before going to our time slot at princess pavilion where we met Cinderella and Megan was able to give her a picture she had drawn for her, this is a wonderful way of getting great interaction with characters, Megan really loves to draw and she gets very shy when she meets a princess so it was nice for her to be able to give them something to show how much meeting them means to her.


We then headed to watch welcome to spring which is the Mary Poppins show on the castle stage. This is a wonderful show (around 15 mins) with all the classic Poppins songs, Both Emma and I where in tears while the kids sang and danced along. We waiting for around an hour before the show to get a good spot and then we waited in the same spot for another 15mins for magic on parade to start which was as wonderful as always.


After magic on parade we headed out to McDonald’s which was busy, we had to sit outside and it had got a bit chilly, the food wasn’t great and the coke was flat, it was a cheap meal though at 20euro and the kids where happy. Its a good quick budget option. We then walked back to Cheyenne unpacked and where all asleep by 9pm ready for another long but magical day in the park.



The Disney Facebook fan page I mentioned (and in pics you can see I’m wearing a black TDV BADGE), is called The Disney Village, do a wee search on Facebook and request to join.

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