Until someone like you, cares a whole awful lot…

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I love the film the Lorax, I think a lot of that is down to the fact the trees look like candy floss, (I pretend to be deep but I’m mostly motivated by sugar). Apart from the trees, I love this quote.

So basically the general story of The Lorax is that someone gets greedy and farms all the trees till there are none left and people have to pay for air and the world isn’t a very nice place, till a boy finds a seed and has a chance to fix things. In his quest to plant and nurture the tree he is hunted down, laughed at, put in danger and just generally really stressed out. If he hadn’t cared … nothing would have changed.

How often do we really grumble about our struggles, how often do they get us down and we just walk around under a big dark cloud feeling sorry for ourselves? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking serious big issues like depression here that need real professional help. Just the general every day stuff. When we get stuck in a rut, nothing changes. I once heard a very wise woman speak on how we needed to shift our vision. You sometimes have to change the angle we look at things from. Standing at the top of the mountain is seriously beautiful and breath-taking, standing at the bottom of the mountain is overwhelming and daunting. If we don’t get past the overwhelming we don’t get the breath taking.

How often are the very best things in life born out of the greatest pain. Iv said it before, my heart for prison work came from personal experience. My desire to work with kids come from knowing how important it is to have a safe constant secure place for kids to go no matter what’s going on at home. My need for people to understand ASD/ADHD comes from the struggles I’ve watched my husband and son walk through. Hand on heart if these issues hadn’t touched my life I probably wouldn’t get it, I wouldn’t have the same desire to change things and I probably wouldn’t care ‘a whole awful lot’. Nobody can campaign for everything, we all have different missions in life we’ve all experienced things both good and bad and that’s why it is so important to accept of mission in life. to take that pain and turn it to joy, to use our journey up the mountain to give the next climbers a map to make their climb an easier one, or even just to climb with them.

We don’t all have the same heart for the same things but when we really care about something people around us will catch it, they will see it in your eyes, hear it in your voice. I don’t know an awful lot about human trafficking, I know its awful and I know a few stats but its not something I had researched, Then I heard Christine Caine and I got just how serious this awful crime is but then beyond that I talked to two friends who campaigned and fund raise for A21 and because they care SO much, you catch it too. This is how people change the world, they care, they speak for those who cant speak fro themselves. Christine Caine’s passion came from here own painful experiences and then she passed her passion to other who in turn spread it round the world and literally save lives because of it. Pain and hurt is never good, life would be so much better without it but when we choose to use it for good, things change!

Choose to care

If you want to learn some more about A21 and the work they do please see the link below.




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  • Jenny

    Well put Nikita. Something I’ve been thinking through lately – I was at the bottom of the mountain feeling overwhelmed, now I’ve started my ascent. Still in the forest but getting glimpses of the sun shining through as the trees thin out!

    03/13/16 – 13:05

  • Nikita

    Ah once you start seeing those glimpses it gives you the strength to push on. Your so amazing Jenny and so inspiring, I’ve no doubt once you get there you will be helping loads of others along the way!

    03/13/16 – 13:17