Three Amazing Things About You.



I’m loving having a little bit of time this summer to read. Having been studying and crazy busy all year I had fallen a little behind with my reading, so its been lovely having a nice wee stock pile of my favourite authors books to read through.

There is nothing I love more than getting lost in a good book. Lots of people when they feel sad or a bit down, comfort eat, I comfort read. I get totally lost in a book and forget everything around me.

There was a reason for me having this book on my shelf for over a year however, you see it was the last book that my granny Lorna passed onto me before she passed away last July. I loved that me and my granny had the same taste in books. For years each of us have found an author we love and passed on the books to each other and then enjoyed discussing the story line together and enjoying all the twists and turns.

I decided to pick up, Three Amazing Things About You, by Jill Mansell, on the run up to Lorna’s anniversary. Some people go to graves or have memorials, I decided to read a book, it was our thing, personal to our specific relationship, it just seemed to be a good way to remember her.

Now Lorna was a nurse and even though she had retired, I would phone her any time any of us where sick or injured. It was painful reminder of her absence that my son ended up in hospital on the weekend of her anniversary. She would have been the person I rang long before I rang the doctor. While I was waiting for news of what was happening, from his daddy or when I was sitting by him in hospital I was so aware of what I would ask Lorna about the situation. I also feel like it was no coincidence that I was reading this book over that weekend too. I don’t want to give any spoilers for the book but one of the  main characters is a girl living with cystic fibrosis and all that her journey entails. I have been going through my own health issues recently and they are actually issues with my lungs and although it isn’t comparable I did feel, as silly as it sounds, it was my granny’s last little glimpse of advice to me.

Regardless of circumstance or my own personal connection to the book, this is a fantastic read. As with all Jill Mansell books, there are plenty of twists and turns and the book is never quite going exactly as you guess it might. The characters are charming and believable. I found myself living in the book, putting myself in the characters shoes and laughing and crying along with them. This is also an awesome book to read if you’ve just finished Me before you By JoJo Moyes as the story is equally as compelling. I finished this book in two days and have now moved on to You And Me Always also by Jill Mansell. I cant recommend this book enough, it really is a wonderful read.

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