She is simply incredible.

Ten years ago our beautiful little princess Megan burst into our lives. She arrived quickly, (after a few false starts) and surrounded by drama. She has been our little princess ever since! Megan had the ability from day one to be able to keep us on our toes. Initially she struggled with reflux but after […]

Two little Ducks went swimming one day…

Do you remember that nursery rhyme? My kids both loved it. Neither have mentioned it for a few years but last week it popped back into my head. When we decided to go to Disney again, we decided to make it a longer trip. Our last trip with the kids had been hard for Elijah. […]

True Colours…

  YOU WITH THE SAD EYES’ You don’t need to be afraid, your not doing this on your own. Don’t let those thoughts run away with you. You’re so many steps ahead of where we actually¬†are. It is going to be ok. In the darkness its hard to even imagine the light but it is […]