Never too old to shine bright.


I love spending time with kids. I’ve always loved kids, my mum was always involved in mums and tots groups and was a child minder, iv always been around kids younger than me. At school I really wanted to be a teacher and when I got married I couldn’t wait to become a mother.

Now as an adult I just love to watch how children learn, how they live life and see things for the first time, how they have questions about every little details because they just want to know how the world works and they can never have too much information. As I have got older I have become lazy really, in learning new things. I know what I know and I don’t always want to be taught new ways, I hate learning how to work new gadgets and technology but I watch my son and the excitement on his face when he has a new game to learn to play. I wonder where in life I lost that desire to learn?

Its good to be teachable, its good to know that just because we get to a certain age doesn’t mean that we know everything and it certainly doesn’t mean that we are always right. Its good to develop our skills to remember to view the world through a child’s eyes because how much of the world have we become blind to? you know when you stick a note on your wall maybe with a  quote you like? After a few months it becomes part of your background and you don’t see it any more … life is so like that, we forget to take in the stuff around us that we used to love.

Its easy to get tangled in the craziness, business or cruelness of life. We not only don’t learn new things but we accept the old things spoken over us. You will never be anything, you will never know anything, you are stupid, you are ugly, you are incapable. None of it is true the most important thing we can learn in life is our true worth. We are never ever too old to fulfill our potential, we are all born on purpose for a purpose and that can always be fulfilled.

Never settle for anything less than the best, if you dream of more then you where made for more, reach out and grab it.


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