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This weekend I got to spend time in my favourite place, Disneyland Paris.

This trip was a little different from my previous trips in that, I didn’t have the kids or Ben with me and instead I travelled with my friend and we spent our time together and with even more Disney friends.

About a year ago I joined a Disney Facebook group on the recommendation of a friend. Really at the beginning I joined as there where lots of extra hints and tips about doing Disney and I figured its always good to know more and try things that I had previously missed. What I hadn’t expected from this group was to meet the most amazing group of people I have ever known.

The thing is, with Facebook groups, you are generally chatting to people with a common interest but once you get beyond that common interest there often isn’t much in common and therefore friendships are hindered. Disney people are different. You may look at me and think I’m totally crazy because of my love of Disney. That’s ok, I don’t mind. You see I think th difference is that Disney is a way of life. So many Disney fans grew up watching all the movies, movies that teach morals and kindness, that greated a generation who dream Big, who believe they can fly. who know when we work together anything is possible.

The people I spent my weekend come from all different back grounds, different countries and different cultures and yet we where all bonded by the love of a magical place that takes all our cares away.

I am not remotely sporty and this weekend I spent my time watching the most beautiful event where people helped each other, both physically and emotionally complete challenges that a year ago, on their own, simply wouldn’t have been possible. I listened how the experience of runners visiting alone were so different to the runners we were supporting and literally the only difference was the comradery and support that our group experienced.


When you surround yourself with good, encouraging people its so true that anything is possible.

This weekend included even more than cheering though as this was the first time I really properly tried out Disney Bounding. This is where you don’t dress in costume, (costumes for adults are not allowed) so you dress in clothes that are basically the colours of the characters costume, accessories are also a big part of bounding.

I had Bounded once before in Disney as Mr Smee, its a very easy bound but I had loved it and without all the kids costumes to pack this time, it was a good chance to try out a few more. it was also great fun to be able to Bound together in a sleeping beauty theme with my Disney friends.


The first day I didn’t actually bound but wore a dress with a scene from Peter Pan on it which matched my tattoo on my leg and my necklace I received from another Disney friend. When e met Peter Pan, he and Wendy both made a big fuss of it all. Captain Hook was unimpressed he couldn’t see himself on my tattoo but was happy when I pointed out his ship and Mr Smee was happy once I told him we recently named our puppy Smee.


My friend Bounded this day as Snow white and she had an apple bag which got lots of interaction from the characters and actually that interaction about the apple carried on the whole holiday which was great fun.  On Monday we also bounded as Mickey and Minnie which was so much fun and was extra special when we met Mickey and Minnie together in magic hours.


Characters really appreciate when you make an effort and with children and adults I always think it gives you a totally different holiday experience when you forgot what others might think and just really enjoy the spirit of Disney.


On Sunday we had the most fun ever bounding as the characters from Sleeping Beauty. We had the three Fairies, maleficent, prince Philip and aurora, along with two mini prince Philips and a mini aurora. We got so much wonderful interaction from characters and cast members and honestly it was so much fun to be matching my friends all day and I have to admit I totally loved having a wand wo wave around. These costumes where a real team effort with the wand being made by Dee (the blue fairy), ears by Stacy (Maleficent)  and bows by the lovely Leann (aurora).  These costumes literally led to me having the best day ever! The interaction at the parade was the best character experience ever, with characters stopping for selfies – which very rarely happens, and friends cheering along with us. Honestly its an experience I will treasure forever and I cant thank my friends enough for making that happen.


The wonderfully talented Stacy has started selling her beautiful ears on Facebook and honestly these ears are so well made, reasonably priced and stacy is very lovely and accommodating don’t be afraid to drop her a wee msg if you have an idea. The cast members and characters loved all of stacys creations through the week.


my wonderful friend Leann also sells her beautiful bows on facebook and I honestly think there is no ribbon she cant source, Megan has so many of these amazing bows ans as well as being great quality and beautiful they make the daily chore of getting ready for school much more fun by being able to choose which pretty bow to wear. For my fairy outfit I even turned my bow into a bracelet and really loved wearing it on my arm. I have also taken to wearing the bigger bows myself and I love the Disney magic they add to an outfit. Go have a wee look at her page and order some pretty bows – they’d also make an awesome stocking filler.


Now as wonderful as this trip was, before you all run off to join Disney groups. in November 2015 I was going on my 5th Disney trip in 9 years, by November 2016 I will have been on my 9th trip in ten years. In 1year I have almost doubled my visits and that is in no small part down to these amazing people, I have no doubt I will make sure I get to more meet ups in the next few years and I cant wait, my bank def doesn’t love Disney as much as I do.

Disney folk also aren’t free of the odd Codfish, where people have a love of something there will always be the odd one or two that want to manipulate and exploit that, but be sure in true Disney style the good always overcomes the bad.

My past few weeks have been tough, i lost a dear friend, a Disney friend, my heart hurt so badly ithought id never be able to laugh again, I even considered just closing off from all friendships. I then spent 4 days with the best bunch ever, who made me proper belly laugh and even cry happy tears. my heart still hurts but it helped me to remember happily.

Disney friends are the best type of people you will ever meet, but be warned once your one of them you’ll never want to be away from them.



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