If you love me don’t let go….


‘Hold on to me, cause I’m a little unsteady’


How often in life are our relationships two dimensional? How often does a friendship only work when things are ‘picture perfect’? Far too often we spend our lives looking at other peoples pictures and wishing that ours looked more like theirs. So often the blurred lines around our own photograph cause so much pain, make us focus on the imperfection instead of focusing on the moment captured.

So often I think, if only I had that, if I was like them, if I was prettier, smarter, richer, taller, funnier, braver. When in reality all I need to be is exactly who I am, that’s enough, we have everything we need to navigate life inside this awesome, one of a kind package.

Its a sad truth many people we are surrounded by cant cope with the harsh reality of life. People don’t want you to hear you say, you know what? I’m not ok. I’m angry at life, at nature, at people, at God. Its ok to be real. Life isn’t always all we want it to be.

Often I find, the most beauty comes from those broken moments. The times when we let the real pure emotion of life just pour from us. My most precious relationships are with those who are real with me. My friends who can say to me, you know what, I just cant face socialising today. I cant face pretending or putting on a front, I just want to sit, I just need you to listen, I just need to shout or rant or cry or please lets just laugh together. I think that’s why I love Ben so much, he can’t be anything but real, and that’s quite possibly the most refreshing (and sometimes frustrating) thing in my life, it brings with it a freedom for me to be real.

Some days regardless of what’s going on in everyone else’s world for better or worse I just want to say, I’m not ok, this isn’t ok, I HATE this!

I love that I have people I can say that to. I love that those people will then tell me that really everything is ok, one way or another, it will get better, maybe not today but they’ll walk that journey until it is ok.

I always want to be that friend who can hear, I’m not ok and reach out and never back off. Picture perfect is overrated, give me blurred lines and smudgy pretty colours any day.




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