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Firstly sorry for the delay between posts.

I am just back from 5 days in London and what an amazing 5 days they where. My Husband and I went with a group from our church to Hillsong conference in the 02 arena. We where greatly blessed by each message that was preached and I have come home, renewed and excited.

One of the best moments of conference was when Brian Houston interviewed the highly controversial preacher Mark Driscoll, for those of you not familiar, Mark ended up loosing his job this year and his church due to comments he has made over the years. The point of this interview however was to allow Mark to put his side across which he really didn’t defend and seemed to be genuinely sorry. As commendable as this was it wasn’t this point that touched me the most it was Brian Houston’s heart to reach out to a man whom he clearly didn’t agree with and who he didn’t actually know all that well. Pastor Houston seen a man who was hurting, who is being watched by the world while trying to navigate a difficult situation which yes has been much created by his own mistakes but what Brian Houston did was reach out to him in compassion.

Last week I lost a dear friend who was one of the people iv been closest to my whole life. we called her Granny Lorna, as she was full of wisdom and was far more than ‘just’ a friend. As I gave the eulogy I spoke of all the peoples lives she had touched and she was most known for praying for anyone and everyone. I can not remember a single time where she preached AT anyone but the amount of times she showed compassion are countless.

As I have been stepping out in serving and in what I feel is my calling I have thought a lot this past year about how to do something great for God. Like many when we first get saved we are so on fire and want to change the world. When we start a new job we are going to revolutionise the company, when we become parents we will be the best parent there ever was. All too often reality of a situation can set in and then we soon become content with just doing what’s needed, bogged down by business, paper work or rules and regulations and believing that no one person can ever really make a difference.

What I realised this weekend is that Any one can do great things when your motivation isn’t for your own aspirations but for reaching that one person. Each situation you walk into, has the potential to become something great. In desire and in happiness people need compassion they need reached. We are never too old to begin a journey to greatness, it is never wrong to want to believe you can do great things. There are no limitations and God has given you talents and gifts that are there to be used. Its not boastful to say your good at something, its not pushy to put yourself forward for a task you believe you can do.

There is a work for Jesus only each individual one of us can do and when we step into that regardless of our own situations, God will use what we’ve got in our hands. When we all step up to this challenge together something great will happen, all for His Glory!





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