A little bit of understanding…

Arthritis / Autism

This week was parent teacher interviews. It was also the week of harvest service, gymnastics and drama performances and exam results (for me). I had the temptation on Monday to make this a cocoon week, just spend the whole week hidden away and not face anything new. The problem with hiding away is that nothing changes. Yes it enables me to avoid bad news but also nothing good can happen if I’m hiding from the world, and in reality even bad news can bring about good change. So I began the week with an arthritis infusion which is never my favourite event in the month but I had a good giggle with the nurses so it wasn’t so bad.
The week continued in a similar pattern everything I was nervous about went really well. The kids got glowing reports and the drama performance of my daughter went brilliantly and my son sat really well through it. In gymnastics my son got a certificate for passing his first term which made me extremely proud. Both kids where total angels in their harvest service.
My ultimate highlight of this week was the conversation I had with my sons teacher, the fact that she was very happy with Eli’s behaviour and ability to do his work made me happy but even more important was that she could see that spending 6 hours a day fitting into a world that is strange to him that takes so much effort was draining his personality and making him struggle at home, she had actively looked at solutions that could help him outside of school as well as inside school. So Eli will soon have after school access every day to a new sensory room and his own sensory breaks in school time so that his frustrations don’t build to melt downs at the end of school. This insight from someone outside our family of 4 into what life is like for Eli meant a lot. This week, a little bit of understanding went a very long way.

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